Monday, September 18, 2017

In the world that hurries
with materialism and worries
when having more fits vain fantasies
yearning to the temporary binges

One thing is needful
which will turn life beautiful
where peace and love made bountiful
to go down deep through path serene and peaceful
the way of renouncing worldly cares and not to be its slave so awful

But in being good steward
who knows the goodness of his Master
thus anxious not, worries not
but abide in joy and constant thanksgiving
no matter small or big
the heavens bestow the treasures manifest in goods
that riches on earth shall pass rather quickly
and serve as nothing except handled charity and mercy toward others

We are but dust and ashes
shaped with love by The Most Beautiful Hands of all
to do His purpose
and to share in His nature by grace
lest the riches of the world trap us
into greed and pride
may it be far from us

Rather, fill our hearts with joy and thanksgiving
this world cannot offer
in the abundance of heavens
in those little things too often overlooked
for it is pleasing to the Lord
the hearts that is full of His praise and childlike
trusting the protection and providence from Good Father,
thus crying out with pure trust:
"Give us this day, our daily bread...."

Blessed is The Lord now and ever and unto the ages of ages!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

It is no secret that focus can bring such enormous result and intensity. Such simple illustration how the magnifying lens can ignite fire when we can get just right angle to focus the light toward an object serve as a reminder. Thus is the power of focus which can also be applied to our daily life.

This thoughts of focus and in fact, re-focusing of life came to my mind this week as I have started to realize how scattered my thoughts, wishes and plans earlier this year. So many things happen so fast and yet I don't see myself making any progress. I succumbed in the comfort zone of wishing but not making any good move. In these times, how I miss to hear from my ever beloved Dad (may His memory be eternal) to not being too harsh to myself but rather to keep my thoughts and sole purpose to Lord Jesus Christ. And I guess he is right. Once I tried to accomplish anything in life without first bowing down to the will of Ever Loving Christ, then that would be something vain.

Sweet is how God's mercy works. He reminded me this week through his beloved that, God is Love. And He called me, "Theophilos" a Greek name which comes from words "Theos" and "Philos", The lover of God. What a beautiful name to bear. You should live it out. Love Christ above all. And those words pierced my soul (nous) as a surgeon's knife works to open and fix my unhealthy parts! He reminded me yet over and over again why I am here doing what I should do: because He loves me and He wants me to love him just like the meaning of my name sugests.

Ah, poor me, how easy it is for this little fellow to be side tracked by the vanity of this world. Of wanting this and that, hoping this and that but forgetting the most essential and needful thing in life: to love Christ and others. This should be our focus (well, my focus) day in day out. Everything will fall into its rightful places if only we know how to work it out by God's grace in our lives. Let us look upon, cling on and cried with ardent love and yearning, "Lord, help me; Lord, I need You every time; Lord I want to love You for You love me so much; Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."


Thursday, April 6, 2017

There are many tunnels as in channels
Kernels of expressions
exposures as in expansions

How expansive and convenient
to show the world of our magnificence
leaving the inner chamber untouched

Lo, it is the hidden that speaks louder
its sounds and echoes reaches heavens
among the unseen and unheard

What human busies about in his lonely time
What human reach for gratification and comfort
Is it one of the serene silence?
or it is the chaotic and untamed fire?

Is it the locked room where prayers and godly deeds in motion?
or is it bestial desire chasing one another
grabbing the spot light to be on the surface?

Is it silence and balanced thought
of compassion and intercession?

Please ask your soul.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Life and cycle. Those two words often seem related. In a way, our life is filled with dynamics of one circumstance to another. Changes surround us the created and mortal beings. However, we tend to love pleasing moments more than anything else. This is not necessarily bad, but the unwillingness to embrace and accept the dynamics of life will result in imbalance and lost of perspective.

Now I learn from the simple cases through out the day: guiding the students through their curiosity, innocent ignorance and rough sides, and then little by little they make progress and comes to the understanding. Just like a wave tides up and down, or a wheel keep rotating, so it is the graph of our emotions and occurrences that greet us day by day, minute by minute.

I heard somewhere else that the actual disability of a man is his unwillingness to adapt. It is a good thing to embrace and adapt to any situation we are put into. We certainly cannot expect life to be always on high, nor become overly dramatic by looking at sad sides of life. Balance. Balance is always needed for us to keep moving.

Today our house may be tidy, clean and cozy, but of course due to the cost of activity and movements that we make around the house, we certainly will find that the very house will be in 'chaotic' phase. However, let us move beyond the phenomena! It is our willingness to embrace the difficult, chaotic phases of our life to make it meaningful and graceful. Very wise saying goes, "When there is darkness, don't curse it. Light a lamp!" In the same token, when our life gets rough, just go with it and live gracefully with joyful acceptance.

So, what we can put into our cup of thoughts from this reflection? Get ready with change; downsides of life. Not with pessimistic and self-defeat attitude, but with courage and serenity. First, by giving up unrealistic wish that life would be always sweet and under control. Yet, to be gentle and humble in accepting the chaotic phase and work it out. Constantly. Resiliently. Tirelessly. After all, those toils, struggles and fights are blessings which make us real human!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In a single day, there are countless opportunity for us to act brave, honest and humanly. Be it when we are alone with ourselves or we are in the midst of crowds. Christ warned his disciples to keep watch so that they did not fall into temptation. It’s still true for us his believers to keep that beautiful commandments in our hearts and minds.

Of course the world doesn’t revolve on our personality nor does our personal life become the center of the universe. Yet, we are accountable for the choices that we make day in, day out. For this matter we can’t ignore those small semi-automatic responses that we have in dealing with various situation. When pressed with risks, do we choose to stay honest? When humiliated, do we choose to keep silent in dignity? When cursed, do we bless, and so on and so on. In short, do we choose to be who we really are when crosses come in our way?  There is possibility that our habit and preferences to act and to respond in different critical moments become the very definition of our characteristics: patient or impatient, loving or angry, wise or bitter, indifferent or compassionate.

 When we want to keep our spiritual life flourish and fruitful,  we cannot ignore these small and invisible warfare of thoughts and responses. It is not a kind of program and self-help approach that we could simply implant by the force of self-will to work, rather it is a journey of living faith. Of being fragile and vulnerable, yet never losing hope in faith and repentance. It is a constant clinging to the Benevolent source of grace which is sufficient in our weakness and turns those cracks in us to be channels of radiant lights.

Simply remember to redeem the time and make most of the time to keep our eyes on Jesus, whom we follow. Let us so immersed in Him that all that we do, think, and feel is inseparable from His loving grace.  Thus little by little we are transformed into  his likeness, as we learn from Him for He is meek and gentle in heart.

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