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For without Me you can do nothing

Reflection from the book of Zechariah 4:1-14

Blessed vision
Blessed visitation from The Lord of Hosts
In His love, His holy temple shall be rebuilt
Behold the beautiful synergy
Of the Love of the Most High
And the humble service of His men

For men's efforts without God's blessing are nothing and vain
Everything is moved and to be blessed in the Holy Spirit
Human efforts under the power of God the Holy Spirit yield everything God wills in His goodness

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
My sweetness, my true joy, and life
Blessed art Thou!

Praying the Psalms

This week I come across some of instructions from some holy fathers about beautiful spiritual habit among devout Christians since the ancient times. And surprisingly I found that this wisdom is profound for us to make progress in the path of life that is pleasing to God, namely memorizing the psalms.

We live in the age of internet; instant gratifications and escape from boredom can be reached just one click away. Applications, games, fancy entertainments and social media fit in to be alternative of stressful hours or even spare times in between. More and more young people spend their times online doing games and amusing stuff on the internet.

The very idea of sitting there reading, pondering and memorising the psalms thus is not very appealing. It needs sacrifice and spiritual podvig, at least at the start.

But once we by the grace of Merciful Lord remain steadfast and willing to offer our time in silent and secret meditations of His words, we will soon find how delightful this habit …

Readings and Reflections

Beloved readers,

I know it has been a while since the last time I wrote and posted on my humble blog. Pardon my sloth and lack of willpower to write in the past year. You might have had the experience of getting very difficult to put down your thoughts into words for innumerable reasons. Well, it becomes more and more compelling for me to 'resuscitate' this blog which has been a personal journal since 2009. Now that I have realised it is being the tenth year this blog being in existence, I would love to orient this blog into more reading, thoughts and reflection which in turn will be beneficial for anyone who comes across this blog, both my faithful readers or anyone who happened to land on this blog. Welcome!

 Let me start with my reflection on the book of Zechariah 3:1-19:

How sweet are Thy words, O Lord
they restore my soul and heart

Thy beloved high Priest Joshua
foreshadowing Thy loving presence
bore a wonderful vision
of Thy mercy and love
testified by the Archangel from…

Voluntary Love

It happened today as my new friends, catecumens and I stood in the front of our iconostasis, we had such heart-warming conversation about Christ's saints. My friends were not very familiar with the way St. John the Forerunner written on an Orthodox icon. Thus when we stood in the front of his holy icon, one of them asked, "Whose icon is this? An angel?" (may be because he saw the wings) I paused for a while looking at the direction at which icon  he asked. I put on smile and answered rather light-heartedly,"Yes." "But a very special angelos (messenger). He was sent with a very special tiding and greatest news to the mankind. That is to prepare the way for the Messiah to come. He is the one sound in the wilderness calling the people of God into repentance so their hearts may welcome the Kings of all".

"Wait. Saint John the Baptist?" "Yes. You got it right." "He is the greatest prophet, whose life is like those of angel's. …

Simply being there

I didn't see so much of my fellow Indonesians walking. For me, I do like walking. What I really love in the simple act of walking is that thoughts of gratefulness to be able to trod rather slowly and mindfully the earth and based on my personal experience, ignites sense of simplicity and strength.

Afternoon and evening walk is kind of regular feat for my days and it teaches me to be ever grateful over simple things that God bestows: existence, life, health, strength, air and many others, while being in the real world.

We live in the era when our minds moves so much faster than our body and many of our days are dominated by online activities and staring at our screens. It is highly necessary for us now to moderate the use of our gadgets; to simply be there, silent and be with ourselves, others in the ever presence of God. The streams of news, media, entertainments, thoughts can drive our minds too fluctuative and thus getting it worn out.

It is a wise thing to slow down our lives …

This world cannot offer

In the world that hurries
with materialism and worries
when having more fits vain fantasies
yearning to the temporary binges

One thing is needful
which will turn life beautiful
where peace and love made bountiful
to go down deep through path serene and peaceful
the way of renouncing worldly cares and not to be its slave so awful

But in being good steward
who knows the goodness of his Master
thus anxious not, worries not
but abide in joy and constant thanksgiving
no matter small or big
the heavens bestow the treasures manifest in goods
that riches on earth shall pass rather quickly
and serve as nothing except handled charity and mercy toward others

We are but dust and ashes
shaped with love by The Most Beautiful Hands of all
to do His purpose
and to share in His nature by grace
lest the riches of the world trap us
into greed and pride
may it be far from us

Rather, fill our hearts with joy and thanksgiving
this world cannot offer
in the abundance of heavens
in those little things too o…

Stay focus

It is no secret that focus can bring such enormous result and intensity. Such simple illustration how the magnifying lens can ignite fire when we can get just right angle to focus the light toward an object serve as a reminder. Thus is the power of focus which can also be applied to our daily life.

This thoughts of focus and in fact, re-focusing of life came to my mind this week as I have started to realize how scattered my thoughts, wishes and plans earlier this year. So many things happen so fast and yet I don't see myself making any progress. I succumbed in the comfort zone of wishing but not making any good move. In these times, how I miss to hear from my ever beloved Dad (may His memory be eternal) to not being too harsh to myself but rather to keep my thoughts and sole purpose to Lord Jesus Christ. And I guess he is right. Once I tried to accomplish anything in life without first bowing down to the will of Ever Loving Christ, then that would be something vain.

Sweet is how …