Monday, August 22, 2016

Life has been such a bitter-sweet path. We might plan or wish, but what really happens sometimes can be different than what we might want at the fist place. However, I am reminded that it is our willing acceptance and humility to face reality as given from above is what really matters. The Lord keeps sending  people to our lives and those encounters strengthen us and shape us for better. 

Our journey toward sanctification starts anytime, be it the moment when we wake up, dress up, and when we make our coffee, doing our chores or doing our tasks at office. God is everywhere present and fill all things, and that makes every little things counts toward our sanctification. The Lord works in, out and surround us with His grace to make our life worthy of His calling. It is thus become a practical reality for us to respond and participate in the God's works. That is to stay in the remembrance of God from time to time and to live for Him. We cannot live by our own strength and thus prayer becomes very essential for us.

May we find prayer as our breath in every moment, as we want to stay close to the Lord at all times. May our lips be filled with His praises and supplication toward the Most High. May the grace of God enlighten our being so that we may be the vessels of goodness and love of God. Don't hesitate to pray at any and every moment. Especially let us pray for wisdom, patience and courage to endure and to be ready to offer help and let our presence be that healing presence in the name of the Lord.    

Monday, December 14, 2015

How many more resources do we need to spend to quench our desires on temporary things? I remember how I really want certain book title sometime ago. However, by now when i have already gotten it, it is not that desirable anymore. This small experience that I had, struck me with the thoughts of what we actually need and what we merely want. Behind this phenomenon, there are many possible reasons, but in my personal observation the games of discontentment take place. This kind of circle makes us feel less and want more. After getting one thing, we then start to be plagued with another wish and etc. But the danger of this mentality is that we would never feel enough. We toil and sweat but for the sake of accumulating things which ‘the moth will eat.’
What about the alternative disposition; that essentially in the hand of Good Shepherd we shall not want? We shall not be anxious about what we will eat and wear, because we shift our attention from seeking world attention and any of those gratifications toward the stewardship of Bountiful Lord. We know that we are just servants of Him who exalts one and humbles the other. It is His infinite wisdom that leads us by hand, and says, “Be still, and know that I am The Lord”.
This new dispositions will make a tremendous difference. We won’t be swallowed by the stream of materialism and worldliness. Why? Because then we know that it is The Lord who sends and sets everything for the goodness of those who love Him.

In other word, all things become blessing for His beloved ones. Be it a bright sky, or the dark night. Be it a mocking and oppressions, laughter or weeping, everything. Those blessings are sent as the rough edges stone to sharpen our soul. Through each moment of our life both in abundance and scarcity He molds and shapes us into His likeness. Just like radio transmitter and receiver system, we need to tune to the right frequency to get this: humility. Acknowledging the unspeakable goodness and mercy of God in hard times has been trait of his saints through ages. They are content with whatever the Lord sends. Sometimes it means the joy of being in the company of loving fellows. Yet sometimes it means being slandered and looked down by the world. Yet, they are blessings! They are sent by God to save and protect us from self-delusion and vanity. They are sent in such away so wisely, so timely, so beautifully that we might come closer to Him and be like Him. Every unjust and unexpected occurrence, encounters and befalling are used by God to sanctify us. Now, rejoice in the Lord always. How His goodness is beyond our understanding, beyond our subjective feeling about what has become of us, beyond what we like or we want. Glory to God for all things.    

Friday, October 30, 2015

We are created to love. Whatever our condition might be. Since the first inhale of air into our body, maybe even before that, we are called to struggle and mingle with enigmatic and dynamic mystery which is called love. Even our very existence if it is sustained until today, the biggest reason of all is love. Greatest commandments  start with a command and blessing, “Love....”

What an inevitable reality! Clouds of witnesses surrounded us in multitude. How we measure the ‘distance’ of earth and heaven? By the presence of love within us, within our family, within our community and within our nation. Such a tireless and sometimes exhausting, crushing and so narrow and close to impossible journey! We have to come face to face with so many challenges and storms  just to hold on and stand fast in Love. Real love is that which has been tested through darkest nights, hottest dessert, hurdles and hardship. Anything that is not love shall be like chaff  and filth in front of fire.

God designs us and makes us capable of perceiving and responding to love. He gives us His blessing, and one among the greatest ones is... choice. Whether we choose to trust Him and thus responding to His love and move toward Him, or to choose anything else as we desire. This choice makes space for us to joyfully and willingly lay aside our own self to embrace His All Merciful love. Sadly, we failed from time to time.

Nothing can overcome His love, though. He calls every human being into the embrace of His love from ages to ages. That Love has never lost. Ages to ages has this one strong message to listen and to ponder:  Anytime mankind depends on their own discernment, perception and strength , they fall immediately and severely. In the other hand, when they humble themselves before God and joyfully follow their Maker, clinging to Him with all their hearts and minds and strengths, they soared like eagle, and transformed into the likeness of their Lover. Adam and Eve fell for this very reason. Great people of the past fell for this very reason.

Now around us we see too obviously that people are craving for love. The  single continuous battle between the seconds of our lifetime is to love or not to love. Despite the fact that people long for love so badly, they often find themselves in exact opposite direction of love. Out of fear, guilt and shame, people make themselves further and further away from the real love. Yet, in the end, the  quality of our life shall be measured by this:  our proximity to Love; that is our proximity and clinging upon—Christ.

Just as a person who will dispatch for journey needs supplies and all necessary stuff to reach destination, we ultimately need them as well. In the very begining of this journey, we need God’s help and His mercy above all else. No love can be manifested outside of His mercy. Yes, if you want, you might go with anything less than love, but if you want the real and pure one, God is the source of power to make it come true.

It starts with, “Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, have mercy on me.” Let God pours out His mercy and love that it shall overflows through your being. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Yearning and seeking for beauty, peace and security, human souls long for those sense they are created for. But this has been proven to be very though struggle and costly. However, when people put their trust and ‘anchor’ into vain and wrong root, it will be even more painful and miserable. We are created by God and therefore only in God shall we find rest and joy.
It is tested through time and experience, that whenever we are obedient, peace dwell within us in such warmth and power. Yes, once we take that step of faith, the frictions of uncertainty and unseen reality thrust the heart with difficult time. However, there is sense that joy and peace which is beyond understanding shrouded us. Then we can simply trust and trust and trust. Until the Lord’s time comes and the faith come into sight.
 In the riches of life, people goes through different season and times. There are times of laughter and abundance. But there are times, when even we need to survive day after another. Remember, no matter what, obedience to the Lord comes first. Much easier said than done. But it’s not that hard either. Once human knows that he is but dust brought into life, there’s nothing feel so unbearable, especially for the sake of love toward Master.

Lord, looketh Thou down from the heavens and remember Your humble servant. Let me not perish in my sin and earthly toil. Rather, pour out Thy grace that I may trod the land with peace, with hard work and obedience. So that even my flesh and my heart fade away, You are my portion forever and ever. Amen. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Somehow when we are still living in this world, it is inevitable for us for to communicate in two manifestations. The first one is that internal interaction we have with our own thoughts. The second one going on between us and external reality. Both of them are not hidden from the loving eyes and ears of God. Let us more concerned with what we might think and conduct ourselves toward others than the other way around. What other might think of us can fade away in matter of minutes or even seconds. That counts not the foremost. But what attitude and presumption that we have toward others will stay long with us and affect how we relate toward that person. Be it a loving and  encouraging one, or resenting and grudging one.

“ Woe to you when all men speak well of you...” is very strong and clear exhortation for us to be very careful of vanity and falsehood. In a way, this is very good reminder for us too that we could not control how people might presume about us. They will think and speak of us as they wish. But, even worse when they speak ‘well’ of us, yet for false reason and based on falsehood. Thus, staying genuine and truthful is very important. It’s easy to fall into making impressions toward people around us because praises and sweet words are very tempting and sweet. Yet, again, the focus should not fall in the praises, credit or feedback, but it is in the staying truthful and genuine. Even if people might not be impressed or praise us for what we do. Yet still that fake sweetness cannot and will not surpass the favour from on high.

So, again, rather than chasing cunning and slippery praises, much better is to nurture our-self with prayer and simplicity. Just like muscle needs some work out to stay strong and in shape, our faith hope and love needs nourishment and ‘exercises’ to function. By that I mean, do we soberly keeping watch over our thoughts? Especially those related to our assumptions and thoughts we have about others? Fill our heart first and fore-mostly with the sweet power of Lord’s  Name,  open the heart and fill our hearts with warmth and love toward all. Mother Gavrilia is so keen of this saying, “people are sent, and we are sent to them .” and “human hearts never stop being good.” What a very loving way of approaching life. What if we lay aside the harmful thoughts and embrace all with simplicity and love. Listening them with ears of love, looking at them with compassion and thinking o f anyone under spectacle of mercy?

Love. Love. Love. We are called to love. No love, no life. It’s the narrow road, through which the old self and what it might carry are crushed in pieces. It might seem more desirable to impress and get people’s praises, yet still, it will fade away even before the sun goes down. Yet, the more wholesome, true  and lasting one is to love: to think, say, and do toward all in agreement of the will of God. Being helpful is always more important and meaningful than being impressive. So, it’s love and not fame which we must nurture.  

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