Thursday, April 6, 2017

There are many tunnels as in channels
Kernels of expressions
exposures as in expansions

How expansive and convenient
to show the world of our magnificence
leaving the inner chamber untouched

Lo, it is the hidden that speaks louder
its sounds and echoes reaches heavens
among the unseen and unheard

What human busies about in his lonely time
What human reach for gratification and comfort
Is it one of the serene silence?
or it is the chaotic and untamed fire?

Is it the locked room where prayers and godly deeds in motion?
or is it bestial desire chasing one another
grabbing the spot light to be on the surface?

Is it silence and balanced thought
of compassion and intercession?

Please ask your soul.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Life and cycle. Those two words often seem related. In a way, our life is filled with dynamics of one circumstance to another. Changes surround us the created and mortal beings. However, we tend to love pleasing moments more than anything else. This is not necessarily bad, but the unwillingness to embrace and accept the dynamics of life will result in imbalance and lost of perspective.

Now I learn from the simple cases through out the day: guiding the students through their curiosity, innocent ignorance and rough sides, and then little by little they make progress and comes to the understanding. Just like a wave tides up and down, or a wheel keep rotating, so it is the graph of our emotions and occurrences that greet us day by day, minute by minute.

I heard somewhere else that the actual disability of a man is his unwillingness to adapt. It is a good thing to embrace and adapt to any situation we are put into. We certainly cannot expect life to be always on high, nor become overly dramatic by looking at sad sides of life. Balance. Balance is always needed for us to keep moving.

Today our house may be tidy, clean and cozy, but of course due to the cost of activity and movements that we make around the house, we certainly will find that the very house will be in 'chaotic' phase. However, let us move beyond the phenomena! It is our willingness to embrace the difficult, chaotic phases of our life to make it meaningful and graceful. Very wise saying goes, "When there is darkness, don't curse it. Light a lamp!" In the same token, when our life gets rough, just go with it and live gracefully with joyful acceptance.

So, what we can put into our cup of thoughts from this reflection? Get ready with change; downsides of life. Not with pessimistic and self-defeat attitude, but with courage and serenity. First, by giving up unrealistic wish that life would be always sweet and under control. Yet, to be gentle and humble in accepting the chaotic phase and work it out. Constantly. Resiliently. Tirelessly. After all, those toils, struggles and fights are blessings which make us real human!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In a single day, there are countless opportunity for us to act brave, honest and humanly. Be it when we are alone with ourselves or we are in the midst of crowds. Christ warned his disciples to keep watch so that they did not fall into temptation. It’s still true for us his believers to keep that beautiful commandments in our hearts and minds.

Of course the world doesn’t revolve on our personality nor does our personal life become the center of the universe. Yet, we are accountable for the choices that we make day in, day out. For this matter we can’t ignore those small semi-automatic responses that we have in dealing with various situation. When pressed with risks, do we choose to stay honest? When humiliated, do we choose to keep silent in dignity? When cursed, do we bless, and so on and so on. In short, do we choose to be who we really are when crosses come in our way?  There is possibility that our habit and preferences to act and to respond in different critical moments become the very definition of our characteristics: patient or impatient, loving or angry, wise or bitter, indifferent or compassionate.

 When we want to keep our spiritual life flourish and fruitful,  we cannot ignore these small and invisible warfare of thoughts and responses. It is not a kind of program and self-help approach that we could simply implant by the force of self-will to work, rather it is a journey of living faith. Of being fragile and vulnerable, yet never losing hope in faith and repentance. It is a constant clinging to the Benevolent source of grace which is sufficient in our weakness and turns those cracks in us to be channels of radiant lights.

Simply remember to redeem the time and make most of the time to keep our eyes on Jesus, whom we follow. Let us so immersed in Him that all that we do, think, and feel is inseparable from His loving grace.  Thus little by little we are transformed into  his likeness, as we learn from Him for He is meek and gentle in heart.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Life has been such a bitter-sweet path. We might plan or wish, but what really happens sometimes can be different than what we might want at the fist place. However, I am reminded that it is our willing acceptance and humility to face reality as given from above is what really matters. The Lord keeps sending  people to our lives and those encounters strengthen us and shape us for better. 

Our journey toward sanctification starts anytime, be it the moment when we wake up, dress up, and when we make our coffee, doing our chores or doing our tasks at office. God is everywhere present and fill all things, and that makes every little things counts toward our sanctification. The Lord works in, out and surround us with His grace to make our life worthy of His calling. It is thus become a practical reality for us to respond and participate in the God's works. That is to stay in the remembrance of God from time to time and to live for Him. We cannot live by our own strength and thus prayer becomes very essential for us.

May we find prayer as our breath in every moment, as we want to stay close to the Lord at all times. May our lips be filled with His praises and supplication toward the Most High. May the grace of God enlighten our being so that we may be the vessels of goodness and love of God. Don't hesitate to pray at any and every moment. Especially let us pray for wisdom, patience and courage to endure and to be ready to offer help and let our presence be that healing presence in the name of the Lord.    

Monday, December 14, 2015

How many more resources do we need to spend to quench our desires on temporary things? I remember how I really want certain book title sometime ago. However, by now when i have already gotten it, it is not that desirable anymore. This small experience that I had, struck me with the thoughts of what we actually need and what we merely want. Behind this phenomenon, there are many possible reasons, but in my personal observation the games of discontentment take place. This kind of circle makes us feel less and want more. After getting one thing, we then start to be plagued with another wish and etc. But the danger of this mentality is that we would never feel enough. We toil and sweat but for the sake of accumulating things which ‘the moth will eat.’
What about the alternative disposition; that essentially in the hand of Good Shepherd we shall not want? We shall not be anxious about what we will eat and wear, because we shift our attention from seeking world attention and any of those gratifications toward the stewardship of Bountiful Lord. We know that we are just servants of Him who exalts one and humbles the other. It is His infinite wisdom that leads us by hand, and says, “Be still, and know that I am The Lord”.
This new dispositions will make a tremendous difference. We won’t be swallowed by the stream of materialism and worldliness. Why? Because then we know that it is The Lord who sends and sets everything for the goodness of those who love Him.

In other word, all things become blessing for His beloved ones. Be it a bright sky, or the dark night. Be it a mocking and oppressions, laughter or weeping, everything. Those blessings are sent as the rough edges stone to sharpen our soul. Through each moment of our life both in abundance and scarcity He molds and shapes us into His likeness. Just like radio transmitter and receiver system, we need to tune to the right frequency to get this: humility. Acknowledging the unspeakable goodness and mercy of God in hard times has been trait of his saints through ages. They are content with whatever the Lord sends. Sometimes it means the joy of being in the company of loving fellows. Yet sometimes it means being slandered and looked down by the world. Yet, they are blessings! They are sent by God to save and protect us from self-delusion and vanity. They are sent in such away so wisely, so timely, so beautifully that we might come closer to Him and be like Him. Every unjust and unexpected occurrence, encounters and befalling are used by God to sanctify us. Now, rejoice in the Lord always. How His goodness is beyond our understanding, beyond our subjective feeling about what has become of us, beyond what we like or we want. Glory to God for all things.    

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